ACM Members - Fall 2023

These individuals are Members of the ACM@UIOWA Chapter. They have paid their Chapter dues, and are recognized as being in good standing. They are eligible for all the rights and benefits of membership, including (but not limited to) voting rights, and being include on our official roster.  

* Indicates Officers

If you believe you belong on this list, please contact the current Webmaster ( Last updated 09/06/2023.

Liao Zhu * Amol Bhagavati * Maneesh John * Adithya Mukundan * Julian Wemmie *        
Miles Menster Charles Wilmot Randy Zhang Will Pixley Andy Tran Ziad Hasabrabu Jamil Gafur Luke Moenning Jack Anlauf
Ethan Boileau Joseph Krueger Paul Andersen Andy Luo  Carlo Valarde Joseph Seo Benjamin Hourcade Vedansh Airen Michael Wu
Fue Thao Randy Zhang Eric Newton Patrick Foster Brandon Rea Kyle Chi Joey Brady Mason Price Dylan Laurianti
Ali Alwahdani Dennis Cejvan Drew Sapato Nancy Nahra