Agent 00Cozmo

Sponsored by WiCS (Women in Computing Sciences)

During this competition, you will have a chance to help Agent 00Cozmo retrieve the treasured data cube from Agents R2D2 and Sphero. At check-in, there will be a sign-up sheet for teams to register for a time slot to attempt this puzzle. Teams must consist of at least one self-identifying woman, and does not have to be limited to the members of the team you signed up for the HCPC with. (If you want to participate, this is a great chance to mingle and make new friends!)


At your given time slot, make your way to 3026 Seamen's Center to attempt this puzzle. Members of your team will be assigned one of two roles -- navigator and driver. The driver will be commanding the Cozmo robot, and will only be able to see what Cozmo sees, while the navigator will be able to see the maze and will have to communicate what is going on to the driver. Successful communication and teamwork is key to completing this activity!


Performance on the maze will be based on the overall completion of the maze and the obtaining of the data cube. The team that completes this puzzle the fastest and retrieves the data cube will receive a special WiCS-sponsored prize!