Friday, February 25, 2022

3:30pm  Kristian Hammond (Northwestern University) - Humanizing the Machine with Language: How the Future Gets Written; Shambaugh Auditorium, LIB
4:30pm Intermission: Snack Break; Shambaugh Auditorium, LIB
5:00pm Keynote Address by John Laird (University of Michigan) - Learning Fast and Slow: Levels of Learning in General Autonomous Intelligent Agents; Shambaugh Auditorium, LIB
7:00pm Activity and Pizza with ACM Officers; AJB E120

Saturday, February 26, 2022

3:30pm Kelsey Huebner (UI Informatics BA 2012) - AI at Microsoft; 101 BCSB
4:30pm Casey DeRoo (UI Physics PHD 2016) - Leveraging Outlier Identification Algorithms to Find “Strange” Astronomical Sources; 101 BCSB
5:30pm Closing Announcement, Door Prize Drawings; 101 BCSB
6:00pm Activity and Food with ACM Officers; AJB E126 and AJB E120