Officer Election of ACM@UIOWA - Spring 2023

This Post Last Updated: Thursday, Apr 27th, 2023.


Here are the candidates. They will be randomized on the ballot.

Position Nominee Nominee Nominee Nominee Nominee Nominee Nominee Nominee
President Amol Bhagavathi Liao Zhu            
Vice President Amol Bhagavathi Liao Zhu Maneesh John          
Secretary-Treasurer           Julian Wemmie Luke Moenning Nicholas Hageman
Events Chair     Maneesh John   Adi Mukundan      
Webmaster     Maneesh John Sanzhar Naizabekov        

Nominations close on Monday, May 1st at 11:59PM CDT.

Voting will be held via an online form that will be sent to each official member's email on Tuesday, May 2th with the deadline to vote being Monday, May 8th at 11:59PM . Results will be announced no later than Tuesday, May 9th. 

Election Protocol

Approved by the ACM@UIOWA Officers on Wednesday, Apr 27th, 2023.

Annual Election - NEED TO KNOW DETAILS

WHEN:  Tuesday, May 2th through Monday, May 8th at 11:59PM.

WHERE: Online via form sent by email

WHAT: Elections for the five ACM@UIOWA officer positions: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Events Chair. These are year-long positions, and will be held from Fall 2023 - Spring 2024. More info can be found in the ACM@UIOWA Constitution. More information on the positions can be found here.



Nominations are now over. Here are the nominees:

Amol Bhagavathi
Why do you want to run?
More member feedback

Maneesh John 
Why do you want to run?
I will be a masters' student in computer science and engineering this fall. I've been involved in ACM for a few years, and I really resonate with ACM's goal of creating a community for students interested in CS to network and improve their skills. As VP, I would be able to contribute experience and knowledge. I have led other student orgs before, such as Iowa Hyperloop and Nightingale Writers' Group. I've also had the chance to dabble in many CS topics as an undergrad, and I'd love to cover some of these topics (such as computer vision, embedded systems, and the internet of things) during ACM meetings.

Liao Zhu
why do you want to run?
I enjoy ACM and wish to continue the strong foundation the current and past executives have built. I would change minor things, like changing up the food, changing some of the meeting topics, and also adding UICC gift baggies like before.

Sanzhar Naizabekov
why do you want to run?
I would like to be a webmaster. I believe that social media aspect of ACM at uiowa should be maintained a little bit better (instagram, TikTok, Facebook accounts should be created and updated more frequently). In addition, I believe that website should be more up to date.

Julian Wemmie
why do you want to run?
I am running for the Secretary-Treasurer position at ACM@UIOWA, leveraging my strong organizational and financial management skills honed through my prior involvement in the Chapter. If elected, I will continue to effectively maintain meeting minutes and records, and manage the Chapter's finances. With my experience and commitment, I aim to contribute further to the Chapter's success by ensuring efficient administration and fostering a welcoming environment for all members.

Luke Moenning
why do you want to run?
I will ensure ACM records and financials are maintained properly. I will also go out of my way to help promote and plan events and meetings to help out my fellow officers.

Adi Mukundan
why do you want to run?
I want to increase my networking skills. I will work to maintain and improve relationships with professional staff at the university and local companies.

Nicholas Hageman
why do you want to run?
This fall I'll be a Junior majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. I've enjoyed being a part of ACM and think I can contribute cool ideas for speakers and computing topics. As secretary-treasurer, I'll make sure to maintain the the financial aspects of the club and help the other officers with their roles.



WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO VOTE: All CS and CSE students that are official members of ACM@UIOWA.

VOTING: ACM@UIOWA will be utilizing instant-runoff elections, which involves ranking candidates in order of preference. The process mimics a series of runoff elections, with the bottom candidate being removed each time. All ballots will be secret. 


WINNING: Following the process of instant-runoff elections, the first candidate to reach 50%+1 of votes cast in a round of voting will be declared the winner.

For a simple answer, you can stop reading here, but there are some complications we need to cover in case they come up.

ROUNDS OF VOTING: Votes for all positions being voted on will be cast simultaneously, and when voting closes, tallied simultaneously. The first round of voting will involve all positions, by default. Once the final results are calculated, the results for all positions - including any voting redistribution - will be publicly announced simultaneously. All Winners will either accept/decline their positions. Any positions which are yet unfilled at the end of the round, will proceed to a new round involving simultaneous re-tallying, which will include special conditions based on the nature of the re-tally (see: Special Results)

SPECIAL RESULT - CANDIDATE WINS MULTIPLE POSITIONS: If a candidate wins multiple positions, they will be allowed to accept whichever position they wish to fill, but will not (purposefully) be informed of the consequences (i.e. who will win the other position in their stead). For elections they won but did not accept, the instant runoff procedure will be re-run, but with a redistribution of their votes in the first round. For elections they lost, their votes will only be redistributed if the procedure has to be re-run because of another Special Result (i.e. once someone "wins" and "accepts" a position, they cannot unwin it).

SPECIAL RESULT - TIE: In the event of a tie, the final two candidates will be re-voted on. If the tie persists a second time, the President will cast, change, or rescind their vote (depending if they voted or did not) based on the advice of their Officers, effectively deciding the election. 

SPECIAL RESULT - CANDIDATE DECLINES: If a candidate declines the position they won, their votes will be redistributed in a new round of instant runoff procedure.

IN THE EVENT OF VACANCIES FOLLOWING THE ANNUAL ELECTION: Nominations for a Special Election will open immediately, and eligibility will be extended to all who achieve ACM@UIOWA Member status by the day of the election. Voting eligibility will likewise be extended. If such a scenario arises, more details will be promulgated by the day following the regular election.