About The Competition

The Hawkeye Challenge Programming Competition is hosted by the University of Iowa Computer Science Department and the University of  Iowa ACM Chapter.  This competition is for neighboring high schools to get involved in computer science and to be able to enjoy technology as much as The University of Iowa does! 

The 2016 HCPC will be held Saturday, April 2nd, on the University of Iowa campus in Iowa City. Participating teams in two divisions will program solutions to problems on the computers in the Computer Science Labs. The first three teams of each division will be recognized during an awards ceremony following the competition. Any changes, additions, or clarifications to these rules will be announced during the orientation meeting preceding the competition. 

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Hawkeye Challenge Programming Competition 2016 Problems/Solutions Division 1 (AP)   Problem 1. Roman Numeral Calculator   Your program should prompt the user to enter an equation with Roman numerals in it. It should return the answer as a Roman numeral. The prompt should be “QUOT? ”  
Programming Contest Rules
2016 HCPC Schedule of Events 8:30 am Distribution of contest materials and continental breakfast - 110 MacLean Hall 9:15 am Welcome and contest rules review -  110 (Division I) and 118 (Division II) MacLean Hall
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