Event Chair

Theo is a junior pursuing a BS in Computer Science and graduating in December 2017. He was born in New York City, but has also lived in Amsterdam, Iowa City, and graduated from Dos Pueblos High School in Santa Barbara where he completed 2 years of CCNA training. He has worked as a Systems Administrator for the University of Iowa's IMU, the University of Iowa's College of Engineering, a Student IT Consultant at UI Partners serving a variety of businesses located across the state and he will be doing a software engineering internship with Cerner this summer as well as working for VIDA Diagnostics in the Fall of 2017. Some of Theo's interests include, Networks, Machine Learning, Mobile App Development, Distributed Systems, Penetration Testing, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Surfing, and staying up too late to achieve a stable 5 GHz overclock on his CPU (He's still working on it, but he fell asleep at a stable 4.9 GHz).